Parcom oak for walls by YO2 is designed with subtle brown and black tones and available on natural oak and a rustic darker background wood. Decoration is performed directly on the raw surface and subsequently protected by hot coating protection technology.

Designers wood for wall with extreme durability of AC5-Class 33 adding 15 dB sound impact phonic insulation for both commercial and residential use. Extremely easy to install, easy to care with 5/5 stain resistance certified with indoor quality A+ rated Cfl-s1 to fire reaction.

Yo2 Parcom for walls with its unique design concept enriches our lives and spaces with brand new ideas that respect culture and bring a twist of classic influences and romance into fresh contemporary creations; a marriage resulting in a beautiful, unpretentious and timeless wood for wall designs on a solid material.

Parcom Specifications

Download our parcom specifications for full details