Not just beautiful in aesthetics but this style of craftsmanship also strengthens every cast iron piece with a hard protective finish. The choice of the material and coatings used provides a sturdy and durable product which can endure exposure to extreme weather conditions, making it waterproof, with anti-vandalism and anti-theft properties. Our pieces are covering your requirements for your residential and commercial environment and your personal preferences with the inherent qualities of each substance used. These pieces are both used indoors and outdoors and retaining structural integrity and appearance over many seasons, with minimal maintenance. The “green-ness” aspect of our material choice combined with corrosion resistance coatings make our products withstand harsh UV rays and fluctuations from heat to cold weather conditions, making it possible for placement in open areas. Extreme wind cannot affect the pieces also, since they are heavy enough so not to tip over. Throughout history, iron has been used for tools, furnishings and buildings, because of strength and durability - it can last hundred years if properly cared for, keeping its uniqueness and the upscale artisan feel.

Cast Iron as a material can withstand a myriad of elements for a lifetime and still look like new when refurbished after many years. This material and the way we are able to coat it, requires very little attention season after season, with a quick and easy cleaning using water and soap. Other materials instead, require more time-intensive care and special products to keep them looking good. Like most luxury brands we also adopted “green” manufacturing practices and utilized a material that is 100% recyclable and certified by eco-friendly organizations that certified these processes. Metal, is typically the strongest and most durable material for outdoor products, with the ability to create complex shapes and designs than other options, giving the designer greater style flexibility, avoiding bolting and connectors that make other products
susceptible to break down. Cast Iron is iron that has been melted from 100% scrap material, poured into a mold and allowed to solidify to give the required shape. Cast describes anything formed by the casting process.