Treated like a collage combining styles and multiple eras “Wild Orchard Collage”, large panoramic wallpaper, suggests a wild orchard where an “art deco” orange tree and an “art and craft” lemon tree combine their distinct character with that of a plum tree borrowed from the botanical prints of 18th century.Finally, like a Japanese print, a stream ripples through an eclectic flowerbed like escapes from a naive painting.
    The “Wild Vibrations” carpet accompanies this panorama. Tribal and secessionist inspiration, it depicts the banks of a fierce river with heady reflections and swirls.

    Design: Sacha Walckhoff

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    A tribute to nature and spirituality, fascination for phyllotaxis as well as folkloric motifs particularly inspired by naive art in general as well as the exuberant and exotic vegetation of Douanier Rousseau. In addition to the floral universe created by filigree stencils, freehand painted plant ornaments can now be found. Through the dynamic mixture of two opposite techniques, the artist succeeds in creating imaginary and poetic natural landscapes. The different representations appear as surreal and dreamlike, where the line between reality and fiction is vague.

    Design: Koralie

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    This collection follows our passion for nature and introduces a more different way to propose scenery and hand-painted drawing. Moody colors, greener views and more fluid backgrounds are some of the central factors of these designs.

    Design: Elena Georghiadou

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    The wallpaper depicts an imaginary landscape where nature plays with geometrical shapes. Some birds fly through this mysterious landscape. Balancing realism with abstraction, this series of 3 colorways melds meticulous detail of botanical with free geometrical forms.

    Design: Charlotte Juillard

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